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About Us

Afyakit is a health analytics platform that provides health managers at various levels and across sectors with insights to improve the quality and efficiency of health services. It uses a mobile platform to collect information on the readiness of health facilities to provide various services, and on the actual quality of services provided; and presents it in easy-to-use analytics for managers aggregated at various levels. Following a year of use, Afyakit saw significant improvement in the readiness of health facilities to provide services (over 170% improvement in a key maternal health indicator for instance), quality of services provided, and in client satisfaction. It has been used in over 150 health facilities in Kenya.


Each year, between 5.7 million and 8.4 million people die in low- and middle-income countries due to poor quality of care (52,000 in Kenya). In-patient infection rates are particularly high – upto 120 times over hospitals in the West. Further, about a third of healthcare resources in sub-Sahara Africa (SSA), are lost each year due to inefficiencies; this translates to USD 30 billion. Kenya alone loses USD 750 million annually due to inefficiencies. This loss in already resource constrained settings significantly hampers capacity of the health system to deliver quality care to all who need it. Health managers in various institutions and at various levels lack actionable data to guide decision making.

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Our Solution

Afyakit provides health managers (whether department heads in a hospital or Ministers of Health), with actionable insights to guide decision making. This guides improvements in quality and operational efficiency. We also provide predictive information to health managers on critical elements in order to help them anticipate and avert crises. We are partnering with resource providers to give linkages to plug in needs. Our platform also serves as a last-mile monitoring tool for governments, donors, etc. to track the health system impact of their investments.

What we do

  • Show some of the findings of our baseline/ end term assessment, and some quotations from the youtube clip. Also the slides showing improvements in performance. Or perhaps phrase the improvements in words and figures instead of graphs. Impact
  • Quotation for any of our users and potential users
  • GIS mapping of health facilities
  • Consulting – helping organizations and governments identify, address and track key metrics
  • Working with private hospitals to carry out healthcare quality audits
  • Patient exit interviews/ user experience surveys
Great Team
The Afyakit team boasts of a combined experience of over 75 years
Quality and Accuracy
Ouranalytics give a clear and accurate picture of the situation on the ground when it comes to health facilities
User Experience
The User Interface is very friendly and this allows users to easily carry out supervisory tasks even without prior knowledge or training.
Clear Reports
The platform generates pdf reports that are very easy to understand, with actionable analytics
The Story

Our Commitment

Afyakit is built on passion. We are committed to seeing that the health care industry in Kenya and the Sub-Saharan Africa is improved to acceptable standards.

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